With so many people getting engaged over the busy festive period, we’re back to provide you with some wedding inspiration! This time, it’s in the form of invitations and there are so many different designs available to view online. We’ve gathered up some of our favourites, covering a number of different styles to give you an idea of what you like and, just as importantly, what you don’t!


Simplicity is becoming more and more popular in today’s wedding decor. The muted tones and understated floral patterns of the invitations above are really catching on and it’s easy to see why! The style of your invitations will give your guests an idea of the big day to come. These invitations suggest more of a boho-styled day. We love the attention to detail on the inside of the envelope on the bottom right. It’s the little things!



Moving on to a bit of DIY next! Of course, we’re not suggesting you handwrite every single invitation but rather add your own personal touch. Throw on a bit of glitter, sequins or a splash of paint to add a bit of colour and fun. If you know anyone with an artistic streak or a knack for fancy lettering, ask them to design an invitation, whether it be text only or have some doodles on it too. Thankfully, you can make multiple copies of the one sample! The bottom one is our favourite! This does require a bit of extra work but it’s worth it! You can find full instructions on how to make them here.



The invitations above will let your guests know it’s going to be a glamorous affair! From the glitter to the font and embellishments, these invitations certainly set the tone for what’s undoubtedly going to be an incredible event.



We hope the examples above have given you an idea of the styles you do and don’t want! There isn’t just one way to do it so go with whatever design you feel best reflects you and your partner. Let us know what designs you think are the best? Can you see yourself adding a bit of DIY to your invitations?




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