Wedding dress shopping is such a huge and exciting part of any wedding that many of us think about way in advance! There’s so much pressure to find the perfect dress, however, that it can get a bit stressful! We want to make sure that you enjoy the experience and so we’ve come up with some tips. Keep these in mind when you go hunting for your dream dress and you’ll breeze through it.


–     Keep an open mind and don’t rule out certain styles from the get go. Wedding dresses are a little different than what we usually buy; what you think will suit you might not live up to expectations when you try it on. At the same time, a certain style you think you won’t like might look great when you’re in it. Try on lots of different styles and make sure you find the perfect dress.


–     Don’t bring too many people with you. It’s so easy to be swayed by other people’s opinions, especially for such an important dress! If you really love a dress and feel fab in it, don’t be put off if it’s not what your friend would choose. Someone saying they don’t like it can really make you second guess, even if you love it. The more people you’ve got with you, the more different opinions and tastes you have.


–     If you’re planning to wear heels on the day, bring a pair with you to try on with the dress. A pair of heels can really transform a dress and they’ll help you to better visualise what you’ll look like on the day. Most boutiques won’t allow you to wear makeup if you’re trying on dresses so it can be hard to really picture how you’ll look. A pair of heels is an easy way to give yourself a better idea.


–     Keep in mind the style and theme of your wedding. Is it going to be very glamorous or more laid back? Ultimately, you’ll want your dress to fit the theme. Think about your venue and the decor and choose the style of your dressed based on the overall look you’re going for.


–     Only try on dresses that are within your budget. It’s fun trying on expensive dresses just to see how they’ll look but, if you fall in love with one of them, it’s going to cause a lot of stress! You’re either going to end up disappointed that you can’t buy it or you’ll buy it and have to cut costs in other areas. You’re better off only looking at dresses that you know you can afford. You’ll find that perfect dress eventully!


–     Don’t stress! Take your time. Don’t rush into buying the first dress that you like. Start looking for dresses well in advance of your wedding. You won’t feel so under pressure to make a decision and you can be sure that you’re choosing your dress because you absolutely love it, not just because the clock is ticking!


Above all else, make sure you enjoy this incredibly exciting time! You’ll only ever buy one wedding dress! Follow our tips, take your time and find that perfect dress!

Have you got any more tips for wedding dress shopping? Let us know in the comments so we can share them with our future brides!



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