For many of us, rain can put a real dampener on any day, let alone our wedding day! Despite all of our positive thoughts and putting out the Child of Prague, we don’t always get the lovely dry weather we wish for. You’ve really got to be prepared for anything, especially here in Ireland! A lot of people are very disappointed when they spot the first few drops of rain on the day but there’s no need to be! As long as you’re prepared for it, your rainy wedding day will be just as enjoyable as any other! And let’s face it, we Irish love a bit of bad weather. It gives us something to talk about!



–     Make sure you’ve got a couple of umbrellas in the boot of the car in case of any emergencies. You could leave your ceremony in beautiful sunshine and arrive at your reception venue in the lashings of rain. Some nice umbrellas will actually look really well in your photos too. You could even get customised ones too and keep them as a souvenir.


–     If you’re planning to go down to any woodlands or into a park for your photographs, you might want to pack a pair of flats. Even if it’s not raining at the time, the ground will be wet, muddy and potentially slippy. You don’t want to ruin your bridal shoes before you even get to reception! Also, you don’t want to risk an injury by walking on wet, uneven ground in a pair of heels. Bring a change of shoes with you just in case. You won’t see them in your photos anyway and you’ll enjoy yourself more if you can relax.


–     If you’re having any alterations made to your dress, ask them to stitch in a little ribbon bracelet under your dress so that you can pick up your train and hold it up while walking so it doesn’t get wet or dirty. Even if it doesn’t rain, this will be very handy later on in the night when you’re dancing. You won’t have to worry about tripping over your dress and you can focus on your dance moves!


–     Have an alternative, indoor location for photos at the ready. If the weather is really bad, your photographer won’t take your pictures outdoors. Think about some nice locations nearby that you could use if you don’t want to take them all in the hotel. If you’ve chosen somewhere indoors that you’d be happy to have your photos taken, you won’t be too disappointed if you can’t make it to your original location.


–     You might think that rain on your wedding day is the worst thing that could happen but it’s actually considered good luck by many! So whether you’re superstitious or just like to keep a positive attitude, enjoy that extra bit of luck on your big day.


–     Lastly, even if the heavens open and the rain pours all day long, don’t sweat it! This is such a special day that will be wonderful no matter what the weather. Remember why you’re there and enjoy the company of all your loved ones who have come to share the love. Once you get into the swing of the day, the weather won’t make one bit of difference. It’ll give you a good story to tell for years to come too!



How would you feel if it rained on your wedding day? Would you be able to brush it off and enjoy the day? Let us know!



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