Planning a wedding can be a very overwhelming experience. All of a sudden, we’ve got to become wedding planners and keep our wits about us when signing on the dotted line and handing over our hard earned cash. To help relieve some of the pressure, we’ve compiled a list below of the 8 most important questions to ask when booking your wedding venue.


–     Ideally you’ll have a couple of dates in your mind before looking for a venue. The first question you should be asking is if they’re available on one, or any, of those dates!


–     If you’re having a humanist ceremony, can they hold it there at the venue or do you need to find a separate venue? Most places have a ceremony room that can be used but it’s always a good idea to make sure before you make up you’re mind.



–     How many people can they accommodate? Make sure you get specific numbers for both the ceremony and the reception. This can make or break a venue for a lot of couples.


–     Be sure to find out if there’s a cancellation fee. Of course, you don’t intend on this being an issue but you may change your mind about the date or the venue itself. It’s always good to know every bit of information available.



–     Will you have the run of the place or will there be other guests staying at the venue? Sometimes, when the weather is nice, you can find wedding guests outside sitting among other hotel guests. In other venues, like Ballymagarvey Village in Co. Meath, you’ll have the place to yourselves. If you have a preference, make sure to find out how it works in each venue you visit.


–     Is there a discount for guests’ accommodation? A lot of venues will offer a special rate on a certain number of rooms, while others will offer all of your guests a discount. The importance of the discount all depends on how far most of your guests are travelling and if you want everyone around the next day!



–     Can you visit the room when it’s set up for a wedding? This will really give you an idea of how things will look on the big day and you can get a sense for the decor and atmosphere.


–     Is there a late bar? If you’ve chosen a hotel for your reception, you’ll probably have to turn off the music at a reasonable enough hour. You don’t want the party to finish and for everyone to go to bed though! Find out if there’s a late bar at the venue so you and your guests don’t have to stop celebrating until you’re good and ready!



Are there any more essential questions to ask when booking your venue? Let us know if you’ve got any more ideas so we can add them to the list!



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