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Ailbhe Lynch began her makeup career when she started studying makeup for Film, TV and Theatre in IADT in 1993. Her natural flair and love for beauty and fashion makeup was obvious in her work and this is the area she pursued upon graduating in 1995. Later that year, she went on to win Best Makeup in the Irish Hair and Beauty competition for the makeup look she created for model, Glenda Gilson. With a career now spanning over two decades, Ailbhe’s natural talent, professionalism and vast experience has kept her in high demand over the years. She continues to be one of Ireland’s busiest professional makeup artists. We really are spoiled here as Ailbhe took some time out of her busy schedule to share some pre-wedding tips with us.




Looking after your skin before your wedding is essential if you want radiant, flawless makeup. If you want that much sought-after glow then you need to get into a good routine in good time before the big day. It is very hard to achieve a dewy finish if skin is dehydrated and neglected. Your skin will just absorb product as it is looking for moisture and no amount of highlighting products will bring it to life. Your makeup artist can achieve amazing results if you have been looking after your skin in the run up to the big day.


Of course, not everyone is blessed with perfect skin and rosacea and adult acne can be a big worry for many brides. If you have skin concerns, book in with a specialist at least six months before the wedding so they can get you into a routine and recommend the right products for you. The right treatment and expert advice can make a huge difference to how your skin looks for your big day. A good professional makeup artist will be able to work with these issues and help you achieve a flawless look for your special day.



Be Prepared

Be fully prepared when you come to your makeup trial. While your makeup artist will be happy to share ideas and offer suggestions for your makeup, the overall look will ultimately be how you like and want it. It’s important that your makeup artist fully understands your likes and dislikes and the vision you have for your overall look. Remember that your makeup artist meets a lot of brides and each one is different to the next.


Most brides want to feel like themselves on their wedding day so it’s important you communicate well with your makeup artist so they get a good insight into your personal style. You can leave it completely to your makeup artist to come up with a look to suit you but what they like on you and what you like on yourself may be two different things. This is fine for a night out when you are happy to take risks and experiment but you need to be completely happy and comfortable on your special day.


While your wedding day may not be the time to take huge risks, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone slightly. Sometimes it’s good to go with a little more definition than normal so your features really pop in your photos. Look through pictures online or in magazines to get inspiration for your look. Don’t just use close-up eye references from Pinterest. While these are a great help to your makeup artist, it’s important you understand how that eye makeup looks on an entire face, not just in a close up shot. While looking at pictures, try to think how that makeup will look on you rather than how it looks on the girl in the picture. If you find it hard to find a picture of a makeup look you like, save pictures of looks that have elements of things you like – you might like a lip colour in one or a blush colour in another or you might like the fullness of the liquid liner in another – Your makeup artist can take these elements to create the right look for you.


Contour & Highlighting

Take care not to overdo glow or contour. There is a fine line between dewy and oil slick. It is also much more difficult to maintain a very dewy complexion. If you want your skin to glow, it’s important the correct areas are highlighted. Your complexion should catch the light beautifully when you move your face but it needs to be slightly more matte in certain areas so you don’t look overly shiny in your photographs. Skin should look radiant rather than glossy.


Contour has a time and a place. While it works well for photoshoots or Instagram selfies, heavy contour should be avoided if you are going to be seen up close and in daylight. Instead opt for soft contour to softly sculpt and define your cheekbones and enhance your face shape. You need to look amazing in your photographs but also look flawless when you are face to face with your guests.




If you are going to get spray tanned for your wedding or indeed do your own tan, make sure to apply some to your face too. Foundation is designed to even out skin tone, it is not designed to add colour, so if your makeup artist has to go much darker with your foundation to match up the colour to your body tan, they will have to apply it very heavily in order to cover the pale complexion underneath. This is something to consider if you don’t want full coverage on the day. Even if you do want full coverage, you run the risk of your face looking paler in photographs, especially if a smart phone flash is used.


On The Day

Make sure everyone is ready on time for when your makeup artist and hair stylist arrive. Any delays in getting started will have an impact on the entire day. Most professional makeup artists and hair stylists will aim to have the bridal party finished about an hour before you need to leave for your ceremony. That last hour flies by very quickly and you will need that time to get dressed and have photos taken and have final makeup and hair checks. Listen to your suppliers when they tell you what time they need to start. They do this day in and day out and they know how to time everything so they can get their job done while allowing time for other suppliers to do their job. Good professional suppliers will always be considerate of your other suppliers on the day so everyone can do the best job possible.


Always inform your makeup artist and hair stylist of the exact time you need to leave the house. Don’t be tempted to tell them you need to leave later than you actually do in order to have a bit more of a lie in. This will impact hugely on your day and cause stress for you towards the end of the morning. It is also best not to tell them you are leaving earlier than planned because you don’t believe they will have enough time. Any professional supplier will know exactly how much time they need in order to have everyone ready in plenty of time so it is important you trust them! If you are concerned or have any questions about how things work on the day, always go directly to the supplier you have booked. They will be more than happy to answer any questions and reassure you.


With her ability to create beautiful, flawless makeup, teamed with an understanding of how makeup looks on camera, it is no surprise that Ailbhe has an excellent reputation as a bridal makeup artist. We highly recommend following her advice! Her hard work and skill was acknowledged when she won the coveted title of Overall Wedding Supplier of the Year at the Weddingsonline Awards in 2012. Her work has also been recognised by Image Brides, who have named her twice as one of their Makeup Mavens.



Did you learn something new from Ailbhe or are you already fully prepared and ready to go? You can learn more about Ailbhe and get in touch by visiting her website here.



Feature Image Credit: Laura Faherty Photography


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