Nothing beats a bit of DIY when it comes to the wedding day. You can save a bit of money, put old household items to good use and create some unique pieces for your wedding. We’re going to have a look at three of the most popular DIY wedding props: buckets, ladders and jars! Most of us have one or all of these lying around the house so why not use them? You’d be surprised how good they can look!

First up we’ve got the buckets! These old tin buckets wouldn’t get a second glance hanging around in the shed but dust them off, fill them with gorgeous flowers and candles and we might just have to reconsider. They add a rustic feel to the decor of the wedding and you can alter that to your liking with whatever you choose to put inside. The buckets filled with gypsophila, lavender and muslin give a really delicate feel while the water-filled buckets of flowers and candles are a bit more rough and ready! How you fill them is up to you but we love the general idea.


Next we’re on to the trusty ladders and we’ve got a few different examples in the pictures above. Warm soapy water, a lick of paint and you’re laughing!  Things are kept pretty simple in the first one. Those standing letters have become really popular at weddings and are much easier to find than they used to be! There’s a lot more going on in the second picture, with lights, letters, photos and flowers. The wooden panels laid out over the steps are a great way to create more space. The third ladder is home to only photos and flowers and has a very vintage feel to it. Lots of couples like to have photos on display at their weddings and this is a pretty cool way to do it! Lastly, we love the way the flowers are weaved around the ladder. It gives a really wild and lively feel. Who knew there were so many things you could do with an old ladder?


To finish us off we’ve got the jars. These are probably the easiest to come by in bulk. You can buy them new if you really want to but after a run through the dish washer, any regular jam jar will come out looking good as new! You can dress them up, like in the first and third pictures, or leave them as they are, like in the second and fourth. Either way, they really add to the overall look of the decor. We really love the idea of filling them with candles and fairy lights. They offer something different but in a really simple way. Perfect.



Have you recycled any household items and used them as part of the decor in your wedding? Let us know and send us pictures. We’d love to see some more!



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