One of my favourite things about shooting weddings is seeing all the quirky and clever DIY features – from the invitations to the decor. Today we’re going to have a look at some guestbook ideas. There are endless options here to get creative. I love seeing how the bride and groom have decided to mark their guests’ attendance! Here are some DIY guest books that we think are worth taking note of!


Time for your guests to get creative! You might not want to promise to complete them all though. Who knows what suggestions you’re going to get! You could end up with some wonderful ideas but, if nothing else, the messages will more than likely give you a good laugh! Hopefully there’ll be a mix of both!

These photographic guestbooks are becoming more and more popular. What better way to really capture the atmosphere of the day than through the smiles of the people who were there?! In years to come, you’ll have great fun looking back through the pictures and seeing how much everyone has changed.

This guestbook idea is so different and so easy to make yourself! Have all of your guests sign a cork, then you can mount them in a frame and you’ve got yourself a nostalgic souvenir from your big day. Don’t worry! We’re not suggesting you drink all of the bottles of wine yourself but, if you choose to, who are we to judge?!


With this guest book, you’re sure to come away with some nuggets of wisdom from your guests. You and your new spouse will have a great time looking back on everyone’s messages. It’s so easy to make too, which we love! Paint a wine box, cut out some paper hearts and you’re flying!

This thumbprint guestbook is really something special. We love all the bright colours! Your guests will have fun with this one and you’ll end up with a real work of art!


What do you think of these DIY guestbooks? Have you come across any really unique ones? Let us know! We love finding new ideas!



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