I love how weddings provide so many opportunities to take something that is so simple and turn it into something decorative and fun! We’ve got some inspiration today in the form of place cards! Who knew you could have so much fun telling your guests where to sit? Whether or not you plan on making them yourself, the following images will give you some great ideas of the style you want.

Let’s start off with these elegant and understated cards. The cursive lettering gives a nod to the formality of the occasion but the paper flowers and watercolours really bring them to life. The possibilities are endless hen it comes to playing around with and jazzing up this classic style of place cards.


These ones give a kind of rustic, outdoorsy feel. Again, their simplicity is what makes them so special. I reckon they’d be easy enough to make yourself too. Get a few branches, saw a few slits and you’re away. You’ll probably want to put a protective coating over the leaves though to keep their colour, stop them from drying and cracking and give them a more polished (see what I did there?) look than you might get from merely writing a few names on some leaves.


Much like the mini logs above, these cork place card holders are easy to make but look really well. You can get as intricate or as straightforward as you like with the detail on the card. The message-in-a-bottle-style place cards are really fun and quirky. They’d be perfect for a beach or summer themed wedding or, of course, if you just like the look of them! Your guests are sure to enjoy the novelty of these little keepsakes.


To finish up, we’ve got two more charming examples of place cards that double up perfectly as keepsakes for your guests to remember your special day. The Scrabble letters have become quite popular but they’re alway done in a different style, colour and  material than any I’ve seen before. The bows on the stone hearts are really pretty and completely transform the dark slates.



There are a few examples to get the ideas flowing. Did you see anything you liked that you might try? Have you come across any other great ideas that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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