Light up your life or, at the very least, your wedding day with some gorgeous, decorative lanterns. It’s pretty rare to go to a wedding nowadays without seeing them lining the aisle or at an entrance, inviting your guests inside. Are all lanterns created equally? Absolutely not! There are endless different sizes and styles so, with a bit of digging, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect ones for your perfect day.


Welcome your guests in style and guide them to your ceremony with these beautiful lanterns. Those on the steps, with the added greenery, really set the theme for the rest of the day. Using an empty lantern as a place for guests to put cards is a quirky way to incorporate them, especially if you’ve got lots more dotted around.



Lanterns are a really lovely addition to the aisle at ceremonies. There are so many different ways you can present them too, as shown above. Keep things simple, add some flowers or even just scatter some petals in and around them. One thing to note though is that if you’re getting married in a church in Ireland, most of them won’t allow you have candles lighting in the aisle. You may want to source some LED candles just in case.



Add some fairy lights to your lanterns to give them that dreamy, fairytale look. They’ll look fab and you won’t have to worry about candles tipping over!


There are so many different kinds, you’ll have no problem finding the right lanterns for your big day!



Amy and Roy had lots of little lanterns hanging in the trees at their destination wedding in Malaga, Spain. They add such effortless romance to the scene!



It’s nearly impossible to showcase lanterns and all the ways you can use them! Put them anywhere you want and dress and decorate them whatever way suits your own personal style. Have you seen any creative uses of lanterns at a wedding or other event? Leave a picture or tell us in the comments!



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