Rose and Keith first met in 2010 at a BBQ with mutual friends. Rose works with Keith’s best friend, Crevan, and his then girlfriend (now wife) Ania. They got engaged 4 years later in Spain, sitting at a table outside an Irish pub in Fuengirola. They got married this year in St. John’s Church in Killenard, Co Laois and had their reception in The Heritage Hotel.



When Keith got down on one knee it created a bit of a buzz with the other customers and the bartender brought us Champagne. It was lovely! We went on to celebrate for the rest of the night.


We chose The Heritage because we had been down to it a couple of times previously and loved it. From the food to the bedrooms to the spa, everything was fab. The staff did an amazing job and it was the little things and the attention to detail that really made the difference. They were really happy to listen to us and make any adjustments. We did look at other venues but just kept coming back to The Heritage because it had everything we were looking for.
We loved it all really. The church part meant a lot to us as we’ve both lost a parent so we wanted to remember them on the day. Plus, all our close family and friends played a role in the ceremony, which was lovely and memorable. We loved our first dance. We went for a more upbeat song rather than a traditional slow set dance. Keith is into his techno music so the DJ had a techno set at the end of the night and Keith’s good friend John put together a techno set and played it on the night. It went down a treat.
With the invitations, we included RSVP cards and self-addressed envelopes but we didn’t put stamps on the envelopes. We didn’t really think of it at the time or think it was necessary but, if I could do it again, I think i would include stamps on the self-addressed envelopes to make it easier for our guests but also to help with getting them back quickly.
We don’t have a video of the first dance. Again, we didn’t think of it at the time. Had we thought of it, we could have asked someone to take the video. Some people did but didn’t hit the record button!
I really enjoyed the time out shopping with my Mam and bridesmaids for wedding and bridesmaids dresses. We had some nice lunches and good laughs. We brought our own wine for the wedding day and Keith enjoyed organising that. We also had a wine tasting evening at our house with some friends, which was a great laugh.
To other couples, I would say number the back of the RSVP cards before sending them out with the invitations. We got this tip and it was a great one as we did get some blank RSVP cards back. They ticked whether they were attending or not but didn’t add the name(s) so, only for the numbers, we wouldn’t have known who they were. If you’re not using a videographer on the day then nominate someone to capture a video for particular moments like the  first dance or the speeches.
We got our flowers from Floral Events in Crumlin and the did an amazing job. The flowers turned out to be better than we expected and Thomas was lovely to deal with.
We wanted to do something different for the wedding cake and Creative Cakes certainly didn’t let us down.
The Black Knights played at our reception band and they really got the crowd going. Alan Brereton was just outstanding in the church.
Not to forget  Jenny from Photosbyjen who was our photographer. She did a fabulous job and we are so delighted with the photos. Jenny also gave us lots of help and advice. She showed us how to hold the bouquet, she helped the lads with their button holes and even helped my Mam with her hat! These little touches all make a big difference on the day.
Lastly, enjoy the day. It goes so fast!

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