Another aspect of the wedding planning where we can get a bit creative is with the table numbers. There are so many fantastic ideas out there so we’ve made a list of some of our favourites below. Have a look through and see what you think!



These table numbers can double up as your guest book or you can keep them separate if you don’t want to be waiting 9 years to read some of your messages! Chances are you’re not going to wait until the designated anniversary to read the messages and you’ll tear through them all in one go. Still, they’ll be fun to come back to and, as more years pass by, you’ll find it harder to remember what they said anyway!



These table numbers are bound to keep your guests entertained. For table 1, use pictures of you both when you were 1 year old. For table 2, 2 years old and so on. Everyone loves cute baby photos and awkward teen photos so they’ll want to see the photos at other tables. This is a great way to get your guests to move around the room and mingle with one another.



Use your table numbers to tell the story of your relationship, from your first date to your wedding day. You’ll need to get creative with these ones. There’s plenty of fun reminiscing to be done as you think of something significant for each number. You’ll have fun doing so and your guests will have a great time reading them.



This idea is so simple but looks really well. A few jam jars, pieces of card and twine and you’re ready to go.



Another very simple idea that looks fab. Lanterns have become so popular at weddings, from the ceremony to the reception. If you’re planning to have lanterns at your ceremony, reuse them as table numbers later on. All you have to prepare is the number to tie on later.



These DIY table numbers require a bit more effort than the ones above but it’s definitely worth it! You’ll have fun collecting the raw materials too! The bottles don’t need to be gold either. Spray paint them whatever colour goes with the rest of your decor.



These ‘message in a bottle’ table numbers are really cool. It’s funny how a bit of twine tied around the neck of an otherwise plain bottle can enhance its look so much! Pour some sand in there and have a bit of the beach with you at your wedding. These would look really well with some sea shells around it on the table.



Wine bottles and corks really get  a lot of face time at weddings, don’t they? And not just on the bar! These 3D numbers are really different to what you usually see. They shouldn’t be TOO hard to make yourself either (famous last words).



These table names are a quirky way to share your favourite music with your guests. Some people choose songs, some choose albums and others like to use specific lyrics. It’s all up to you! Check out all the different designs over at Wedfest and order your own custom-made vinyls.



These decorated slabs are one of a kind. Surrounded by flowers, they’ll give your table a lovely garden feel. Very simple but very effective.


So do any of the ideas above do it for you? Will you be going for something sentimental, something crafty or something very simple? Let us know!


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