The Lash Lounge & Brow Bar is an exclusive, award-winning lash and brow studio in Rathfarnham, Dublin. A favourite among many celebrities and beauty professionals, The Lash Lounge specialises in eyelashes, eyebrows, semi-permanent makeup and tanning. All clients’ brows and lashes are tailored to enhance their natural beauty. We highly recommend you check them out!

Alana Miley, owner of the popular studio and one of the UK and Ireland’s elite trainers for high definition brows, knows the importance of having brows that complement the shape of your face. She offers semi-permanent makeup for brides who are looking to enhance a sparse brow.

“It’s about simplicity, elegance and style. Here at The Lash Lounge, we are dedicated to be providing our clients with a high standard of luxurious lashes. Specialising in eyelash extensions, we’ve mastered the art and endured various training methods to perfect our own unique application. We’ve carefully selected the highest quality of  products to suit our clients, ones that are natural, lightweight, flexible and soft to the touch.”


Alana’s Tips


–   Deciding early to get your brows in shape is of great importance. It will allow your therapist to work closely with you to achieve the perfect brow shape, allowing sparse or over-plucked brows to regrow and regain that perfect bespoke brow to suit your face shape. Your therapist should also give you the skills on how to fill in your brows, achieving a natural look with suitable products, while waiting for your brows to grow. I recommend working with a highly trained high definition brow stylist to help you along your regrowth program.


–   A lash lift can enhance your natural lash, opening the eyes and adding length, curl and volume to the natural lash. This treatment allows you to apply mascara as normal.


–   For brides that love and adore the wow factor, we can enhance the eye area by applying our luxury semi-permanent lash range. We have a full consultation with our brides, gaining knowledge into what look they are hoping to achieve. Every set will be tailored to the client with options from a full set to corner lashes. Again, all can be tailored from a natural to glamour look.


–   Strip lashes: I would suggest a strip with a flexible lightweight band as sometimes they can feel too heavy and close down the eye, which is not what we want to achieve. Always aim for a strip with the length in the centre to open up the eyes.


–   I always advise a bride to trial her lashes before her big day to make sure she is happy with the look. Wearing them on the hen is a good idea.


–   Always have your natural lashes free from strips or extensions a good 4 weeks prior to your big day to allow you to receive that wow factor from your bridal appointment.


There really is so much to think about! Will you be shaping your brows and lifting your lashes?




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