We’ve always got an ear to the ground here at Weddings by Jen and our most recent find is this wonderful new bespoke hand calligraphy business called The Wandering Pen. Primary school teacher by day, Doireann Brazil has decided to share her fantastic talent with the world.


“Calligraphy is a massive passion of mine! I love exploring and experimenting with the wide range of scripts and lettering styles. While I enjoy the classic scripts of italic and round hand, my real interest lies with the art that is ‘pointed pen calligraphy’. It is a style that exudes delicate upstrokes and heavy down strokes with beautiful flourishes featuring prominently. I love to create personalised bespoke calligraphy pieces for any special event; wedding celebrations, engagement parties, baby showers, birthdays, dinner parties, family festivities and anniversaries. I particularly enjoy designing something uniquely beautiful and individual for the client wishing to experiment with different colours, papers, inks and mediums to create pieces exclusive to them.”


Place cards with blue wash and gold leaf: “Here I have used a blue toned watercolour wash with splashes of gold leaf. Gold leaf adds some bright sparkle and draws out the deep shades of blue. For the names, a modern calligraphy script is used on a small plaque of cream card.”

Gift tags with watercolour wash: “These tags feature a rose watercolour wash with a hint of sunflower. They can be used as gift tags for any special occasion or as place cards for a dinner party or wedding celebration.”

Dessert and cupcake toppers: “These pennant flags fixed with wooden skewers (featuring pointed pen calligraphy) can serve as dessert or cupcake toppers to identify flavours on the dessert table at any celebration.”

Place cards with rose and green wash: “I think a watercolour wash can provide a beautiful, simple backdrop to any script. Here I have used rose and green watercolours to create just that, accompanied with some decorative modern calligraphy in black ink.”


“Personalised cards are a wonderful way to ask your flower girl, maid of honour and bridesmaid to be part of your special day. Here is a classic sample featuring black pointed pen script and some gilding in rose gold and classic gold leaf.”


Table cards with copper leaf flex: “This table card is created on ivory card with some flourished black lettering. In the detailing you can see some vine doodles with a hint of copper leaf.”

Table cards encased in floral wreath: “This table card is simple in colour but decorative in design. This flourished black script is encased in a hand drawn floral wreath featuring leafing and flowers. Floral wreaths are a beautiful way to frame any calligraphy script.”

Table cards with a pink wash: “Here I have created table cards with a pink wash featuring some black and silver modern calligraphy. The calligraphy is encased in a simple hand drawn leaf wreath. In this photo I have framed one of the cards using a vintage style cream frame.”


Place cards on Japanese tissue paper: These place cards were for a ‘woodland’ themed wedding. I used very delicate Japanese tissue paper with gold floral embossing and accompanied it with a traditional italic calligraphy script.”

Luggage tag place cards: Here I have used some ‘old school’ luggage tags as place cards. The calligraphy varies slightly with the white lettering differing from the black and gold because of its simplicity in script and illustration. A little flourish or illustration can really add to any calligraphy design.”


Doireann’s Instagram account continues to grow in popularity and now the requests are flying in!

We love the variation of styles and colours in Doireann’s work. You can really tell she loves doing it. The Wandering Pen caters to every style and event. Whether you want watercolour place names, a custom-made guestbook or sleek invitations, get in touch and discuss your ideas. You can check out more of her work here and get in touch at thewanderingpencalligrapher@gmail.com


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