One of the first thoughts that enter our heads when we receive a wedding invitation is, “What am I going to wear?” It’s hard to find the time to make it around all the shops though so we’ve done it for you! We’ve got 10 dresses for you below, from short to long, floral to lace and black to red! They’ll give you a taste of what’s out right now and they’re all available to buy online, as all clothing should be!


First up, we’ve got our bold shades of blue and red. Both dresses fall just at the knee but differ greatly in their style! Number 1 is very structured, which is always good, and we love the fold detailing and cut-out on the front. There’s some gorgeous floral detailing in the lace on number 2. The sleeves are great too if you’re self conscious about your arms and want a bit of extra coverage while still looking super-stylish! Number 1 is from Topshop and you can get it here. Number 2 is from Debenhams and you can get it here.


Moving on to our florals, these dresses are perfect coming in to Autumn. We love the exposed shoulders on number 1. Again, if you’re self-conscious about your arms, but don’t want to cover up completely, the material falls exactly where you want it! Number 2 gives a nod to Chinese-style patterns with this stunning mini. You’ll be sure to turn some heads with such an elegant colour and pattern. Number 1 is from Topshop and is available here. Number 2 is from ASOS. Get it here.


Next up we’ve got a mix of lace and mesh. Number one, with its high neckline and flared, scalloped skirt, is very flattering. It’s just got just enough structure where you need it and flares out at the ends, giving us that elegant swoosh that, let’s face it, we’re all after! Number 2 is quite a formal one. We love the pleats in the skirt. They’re just such a lovely touch. They keep the dress from being overly glitzy, making it the perfect dress to carry you through from the afternoon at the ceremony to the evening on the dance floor! Number 1 is from Coast. Pick it up here. Number 2 is from ASOS and you can get yours here.


Here we have two dresses that are rocking the two-piece look. Number 1 has a plain, structured top with a lovely, flowing, patterned skirt. Very flattering! Number 2 is incredible in its elegance! A lot of people like to wear something nice and bright to a wedding, reflecting the joy of the day! Don’t be afraid to wear something darker though. There’s plenty of room for all styles and colours (within reason, of course!). The gold embellished bodice absolutely shines next to the long black skirt. This dress would look stunning at a formal affair. Both dresses are from Coast. You can buy number 1 here and number 2 here.


To finish off, we have two dresses in a style that’s really popular at the moment. Both are very simple but ultra-chic. The structured bodice and A line skirts are just so flattering too. Number 1 has a cut out back and a stunning black bow at the nape of the neck. We love everything about number 2: the colour, the hemline, the pleats and the bejewelled neckline, which adds a very subtle bit of glamour. Again, both dresses come from Coast and you can get number 1 here and number 2 here.




So what do you think of the styles above? Did you see anything that you just have to have? What are you on the lookout for when shopping for a dress? Sleeves? Cut outs? Pockets?! (Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a dress with pockets). Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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