When we’re going to a wedding, we spend so long deciding on the perfect dress and making sure we’re completely happy with it. Here in Ireland though, we’re pretty much guaranteed to need something to go over it to keep us warm. You might just want something extra to cover up a bit more during the ceremony. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to carry around a coat or jacket all day, putting it on and taking it off as you move indoors and outdoors. It’s so much handier to wear something light that will keep you warm and covered when you need it and just stylish when you don’t!


1: This Jacques Vert faux-fur shrug easily adds a bit of elegance to your outfit. Thanks to its neutral shade, it can easily be co-ordinated with almost any outfit. Get it from Debenhams here.

2: This Phase 8 faux-fur collar can be popped on over your outfit, instantly adding a bit of warmth, texture and style. Get it from Debenhams here.

3: This Paul Costello shawl comes in gray, black and leopard print and, like the Phase 8 collar, pops on over your dress. We love the ribbon tie – a must have! Get yours from Dunnes Stores here.

4: This Jenny Packham feathered shrug is so eye-catching and consists of so much detail that it would go really well with an otherwise simple outfit. Get yours from Debenhams here.



1: This wool cape will give you that much-needed heat at an Irish winter wedding. We love the buckle detail on the collar. Get yours from Marks & Spencer here.

2: This light, textured wrap will take the bite out of the wind but you won’t feel like you’ve anything weighing you down. It’s perfect for hanging around outside before or after the ceremony. Get yours from Marks & Spencer here.



1: This Jenny Packham black scallop bead embellished cape is ultra-glam and fit right in at a black tie or vintage-inspired wedding. Get yours from Debenhams here.

2: This Debut black bead embellished shrug certainly won’t keep you warm but it will allow you to cover up a bit if you don’t feel comfortable wearing an evening gown all day. Even if you’re not uncomfortable, it adds a beautiful extra layer to your outfit. Get yours from Debenhams here.


Lastly, if you just want something to cover your shoulders in the church or cover your arms during the day, wrap a scarf around your shoulders and off you go. It’ll keep you warm too and it won’t be a hassle to carry around when you decide to take it off. Simple!



What do you think of the options above? Would you wear any of them to a wedding? Are you one to brave the cold and leave the coverup at home or make sure you’re nice and toasty throughout the day? Let us know!






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